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    • Dr. Prem Krishna Srivastav
      The Premanjali is a collection of 56 poems in Hindi distributed in various sections viz Asakti, Deshbhakti, Bhakti, Samajik Sandesh, Parivarik Sambandh, Paryavaran etc. The readers will find a Web of poems pertaining to association and dissociation i
      • Debashis Barah
        By Debashis Barah
        The promo of the soon-to-be-released short film on my book Wisdom Capsules: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXCW3NTK7SM&t=10s
        • Dilpreet
          By Dilpreet
          Follow me on Instagram-dpnaura First Hindi book on a girls- letter life of a sorry girl
          • Dilpreet
            By Dilpreet
            Letter life
            • Kundan Kumar Thakur
              By Kundan Kumar Thakur
              any one is interested in filmmaking aur want to be part of my team so message me soon..i am writer and writes for film and now i am planning to start a webseries.so any one wants to be part of this webseries then mail me -coolkundan727@gmail.com
              • Kalawat KL
                By Kalawat KL
                thanks to educreation publishing for my book publish and give me spot
                • Kamal Kant
                  By Kamal Kant
                  2/2Add on service /Book Promation and Marketing -------------------------------------------------- Nothing done after that and my mail dt.13/08,30/08 and 06/9/2018 neither replied nor acknowledged.
                  • Kamal Kant
                    By Kamal Kant
                    I had taken the marketing add on servi├žes for book 1134E Band Gali and paid full fee on 19/06/2018. In reply to my mail ,I was informed on 09/07/2018 that Educreation has already started process and progress will be mailed to me.Nothing done . 1/2
                    • Sarmishtha Chatterjee
                      By Sarmishtha Chatterjee
                      Greetings! Its our duty to make a healthy citizen. Through books we can able to gather several type of knowledges in life. My book is not a special one but for the new comer of school life it may help to build up a good akshar gyan in Bengali.
                      • Guru Gaurav Arya
                        • Konica Mukherjee
                          By Konica Mukherjee
                          My book Ending of the Prejudice is releasing on 20 sept 2018. I hope you will like the world where religion is not the bar for love. So let's celebrate this month with Shalini and Hamza.
                          • Aviram
                            By Aviram
                            just go for a job... it will be makes you understand with the Problems. It is also makes you familiar that is very good for story. in the mean time read robin sharma and other some of leadership experts.
                            • Aviram
                              • Swapnil Saurya
                                • Achal Pulstey