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    • Sukhendra Kumar Pandey
      By Sukhendra Kumar Pandey
      पब्लिशर महोदय से निवेदन है कि मेरी किताब मुझ तक कब पहुंचेगी कृपया दूरसंचार के माध्यम से अवगत कराये क्योंकि आपने अपनी पब्लिशिंग कंपनी को FBI बना के रखा है कोई भी जानकारी समय पर नहीं मिलती है इसलिए इस फोरम का इस्तेमाल कर रहा हूं। धन्यवाद
      • Jaydeep Solanki
        By Jaydeep Solanki
        https://www.amazon.in/dp/B07VVD99QN BOOKS ARE BEST FRIENDS, MY ONE PROVES THAT !
        • Swapnil Saurya
          • SAURABH ANSHU
            By SAURABH ANSHU
            Dear Educreation Team, I tried lot contacting you since the last couple of weeks and neither you people reply back. I request you to call back or mail back.
            • Nid Younus
              By Nid Younus
              Sometimes circumstances blinds us and we commit mistakes that we regret for life. My book 'Seeking You' is a story about a husband who makes a mistake but will life give him a chance to correct it? Read this book and find out....
              • Anil Prakash
                By Anil Prakash
                i'm happy to be your friend. looking forward to here from you.
                • Nid Younus
                  By Nid Younus
                  I am certain that you will enjoy the Romantic Muslim characters who portray a strong message in my books. Do read and find out what my books has to share with my readers.
                  • Patricia Ross
                    By Patricia Ross
                    Educreation will let you know through email plus you have a table uploaded by educ to keep track of your sales.
                    • Srikanth Goparaju
                      By Srikanth Goparaju
                      Several days have passed since I have released the book 'Industrial Relations in Modern India'. Please feel free to share your views about the subject and what are your initial impressions on the subject.
                      • Shah Alam Biswas Mamun
                        By Shah Alam Biswas Mamun
                        MY FIRST BOOK ANUBHUTI book3070E
                        • Shreya Nigam
                          By Shreya Nigam
                          Well, "The City Knows Your Secret" is a poem collection. Poems that i am writing since i was in class 7 in school. Happy with the number of pre-orders. Releasing tomorrow. Excited!Do read and give reviews :)
                          • Paul Roshan Silverius
                            By Paul Roshan Silverius
                            How would I know if someone ordered my book?
                            • C P VELAYUDHAN NAIR
                              By C P VELAYUDHAN NAIR
                              You have sent a parcel of wt 340 gms through EPL Logisticks-ID-X2Q-Q6Y-RN99.Is it the authors copy or the sales copy required by me, numbering 30?Please clarify...Regards, C P VELAYUDHAN NAIR
                              • Dr. Balaji Deekshitulu P V
                                My New Telugu Book PREMARSHI is released this book totally poetry, please read and give me your opinion. It's Dr BalajiDeekshitulu
                                • Prakrami Sharda