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    • Nid Younus
      By Nid Younus
      Sometimes circumstances blinds us and we commit mistakes that we regret for life. My book 'Seeking You' is a story about a husband who makes a mistake but will life give him a chance to correct it? Read this book and find out....
      • Anil Prakash
        By Anil Prakash
        i'm happy to be your friend. looking forward to here from you.
        • Nid Younus
          By Nid Younus
          I am certain that you will enjoy the Romantic Muslim characters who portray a strong message in my books. Do read and find out what my books has to share with my readers.
          • Patricia Ross
            By Patricia Ross
            Educreation will let you know through email plus you have a table uploaded by educ to keep track of your sales.
            • Srikanth Goparaju
              By Srikanth Goparaju
              Several days have passed since I have released the book 'Industrial Relations in Modern India'. Please feel free to share your views about the subject and what are your initial impressions on the subject.
              • Shah Alam Biswas Mamun
                By Shah Alam Biswas Mamun
                MY FIRST BOOK ANUBHUTI book3070E
                • Shreya Nigam
                  By Shreya Nigam
                  Well, "The City Knows Your Secret" is a poem collection. Poems that i am writing since i was in class 7 in school. Happy with the number of pre-orders. Releasing tomorrow. Excited!Do read and give reviews :)
                  • Paul Roshan Silverius
                    By Paul Roshan Silverius
                    How would I know if someone ordered my book?
                    • C P VELAYUDHAN NAIR
                      By C P VELAYUDHAN NAIR
                      You have sent a parcel of wt 340 gms through EPL Logisticks-ID-X2Q-Q6Y-RN99.Is it the authors copy or the sales copy required by me, numbering 30?Please clarify...Regards, C P VELAYUDHAN NAIR
                      • Dr. Balaji Deekshitulu P V
                        My New Telugu Book PREMARSHI is released this book totally poetry, please read and give me your opinion. It's Dr BalajiDeekshitulu
                        • Prakrami Sharda
                          • Shivangi Bali
                            By Shivangi Bali
                            I haven't received my free author's copies.
                            • Jyotindra Nath Prasad
                              By Jyotindra Nath Prasad
                              It took four years to complete this book. It's all about my chequered career of journalism. I am grateful for my inclusion in authors club.
                              • Uday Pratap Sharma
                                By Uday Pratap Sharma
                                Power of discipline,award of life, please read and mention book importance.
                                • Uday Pratap Sharma
                                  By Uday Pratap Sharma
                                  This book is a unique book in the world. My dream is that, this book is present in word library.