Swapnil Saurya

Swapnil Saurya


Swapnil Saurya was born in Madhubani, Bihar on 21 September 1994, later he shifted to Goa at the age of eight for study. Swapnil Saurya wrote his first story at the age of ten which was published on newspaper. His first book Beyond Mysteries which was released on August 2013 by Manohar Parrikar (Chief Minister of Goa). He is the author of three series. He is working on his next series which is titled as “Beyond Superpower”. Swapnil Saurya is also making a comic which is publish after this series. He is now working on his next book as titled as “Into the Future” which is relesed next year. He is happily living with his family.

Brief description: Author
Telephone: 9545008176
Mobile phone: +917020483561
Website: www.educreation.in


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