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Subodh Juyal is currently a Education Developer in Maritime Industry. He completed his graduation from kalinga university and P.G. DIPLOMA IN ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT (PGDEM) from Guru Jambheshwar University of Science & Technology, Hisar,. He is a new author, mythologist and physicist; whose works are characterized by dark humour and in-your-face realism. Like in every other field, there are no shortcuts in writing and one should be prepared to work very hard. It is a very competitive field so there are bound to be disappointments. When you write, you think you are doing the most difficult job but after finishing the book you realize that it was the easiest job- the real struggle begins from here. Finding a publisher in current day scenario where hundreds of thousands budding authors are in queue is the most frustrating job.Who you should listen to is learn from your failure and your success, just keep learning and keep observing what you see around. If you can, get them out of your head and write them down, because it might mean, maybe, just maybe, that you want to be a writer. Satisfying the Soul of a writer with food of original thoughts is most important. A writer needs to keep a clear mind to focus on the essential. This kind of negative reinforcement is just not conducive to writing a book.
For a writer, only two things need to matter. Reading and writing. Focus on what you believe in. Because if you are passionate about anything then you produce a masterpiece.

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