WhatsApp - Unlocking The Goldmine

WhatsApp - Unlocking The Goldmine
By Dr Tuhin Shambhu Banerjee

Do you feel stuck in communicating? Are you communicating with little response? Do social messaging platforms like WhatsApp intimidate you? In WhatsApp – Unlocking The Goldmine motivational speaker Dr Banerjee talks straight about why our communication in social media platform spiral out of control and how to get back in the driver's seat.
Dr Banerjee shares his two decades experience in leveraging communication to achieve success. Through stories, humour, and dozens of practical tips, he shows the way to anyone apprehensive in communicating using WhatsApp and shares framework to win. In these pages you'll discover:
• How to find your communication style
• How to stop using wrong communication techniques in WhatsApp
• How to get free from situations that own you
• How to protect your inner wellbeing
Your life is brimming with endless opportunities, but only if you control your communication through WhatsApp. If you are aspiring for improved communication using social messaging platform in your personal and professional, but doesn't know how, this book is for you.